Sunday, February 12, 2017

                                     My favorite series 

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What a better way to start an article about my favorite series ! I am clearly a serivorous and this clearly hinders my schooling and sociability. I can spend whole days watching episodes without being able to stop. My life is set to "I want to know more" and i do not count the number of times i found myself awake at 4am. So here...i clearly prefer the series to the film and there is so much good that i am no ready to be bored!

                                                      GAME OF THRONES

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"On the continent of Westeros, a prey to the return of Winter , the great lords and the daughter of the fallen king disputed the Iron Throne."

Very small summary for a very large serie! This serie is a classic! I love this serie for the characters that can be extremely endearing or totally repulsive, for the story that goes in the sense of nobody, for the fact that it is indeed one of the series that is not afraid To kill anyone, for landscapes to fall to the ground, for this rich universe and for all the emotions that pierce us at each episode. It is a very raw series that will not please sensitive souls, that is clear but it is clearly worth the detour!


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"Fictional adaptation of the adolescence of Mary Stuart, Queen of France and Scotland in the sixteenth century. The serie follows the accession to power of the young woman aged 15 when she arrives in France, promised to Prince Francis, accompanied by her followers. "

I have always had a weakness for the historical series! I totally hooked up with the actors who are all of unnamed beauty, for the suits to fall on the ground, for the stunning landscapes, for this story of heartbreaking love but also because I have a real blow of heart For the main character Marie. It is at the same time a force of nature and of extreme sensibility. I also love to know more about everything that affects royalty: political conflicts, betrayals, obligations, loneliness and freedom. It is a very nice series that deserves to be even better known!

                                                                  THE WALKING DEAD

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"After a post-apocalyptic epidemic that turned the world's population into the undead, a group of men and women led by Rick Grimes is trying to survive. Together, they will have to face this new world that has become unrecognizable, through their journey in the deep South of the United States. "

I love all that scares and this series is for me the best of its kind. I think we see exactly what the world and the human race would look like after a zombie attack. What I like most is that you never get bored, zombies are not the center of the world and the focus is really on the evolution of each character, on the evolution of human behavior And the fact that the biggest problem in this story is the selfishness of man. Don't tell yourself you're going to see only 4 poor zombies fighting in a duel, no! Expect bouncing, a ton of stress, cry sometimes, be disgusted, be angry, ...
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"Liv, a student turned into a zombie at a very bad evening, works as a forensic pathologist using the feast of the brains of the deceased. With each mouthful of brain, it inherits the memories of the person. Desperately searching for meaning in her life, she realizes that with the help of detective Clive Babinaux, she can solve murder cases ... "

I discovered it recently but I love the story, the main character and this side at the same time policeman, fantastic and humorous. It looks super easy, I think we quickly dive into the heart of the matter without dwelling too much on the why of how and that's what I like. I also find that the vision of the zombie is totally revisited and far from what we are used to seeing. The dialogues are funny, the investigations interesting and there is also a love story quite special. I want to say that we have a bit the best of both worlds!


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"Elena, a 17-year-old high school student, lives with her brother at their aunt Jenna since the death of their parents, who died four months ago. At the beginning of the school year, she meets Stefan, a mysterious newcomer and immediately falls under her spell before meeting her elder brother "diabolical" Damon. She soon discovered their secret ... "

It's a serie I started a long time ago after reading the books. I am once again attracted by all that is supernatural and I confess to having had my period "vampire". The beauty of Ian Somerhalder in the role of Damon quickly captivated me (even if it is futile as reason) and forced to continue watching this series through time and seasons. If you love complicated love stories, vampires, witches and other supernatural creatures you should greatly appreciate.


I did the tour of all my favorite series which are not in the order in the article. These are really the ones that hit me in the eye, whose story really touched me and where I hang with the characters. After that, I am not a demanding person with expectations that are difficult to fill so perhaps some of you will find some series too futile and not refined enough but I think there is every taste ! I would love to know now your favorite series so maybe to discover some new ones!


  1. Hello! You have amazing favorite shows! I see that you like the same type of shows! I have heard a lot about game of thrones but have never really watched it. My favorite show is the walking dead too! I love it and it really has made every Sunday better. Whos your favorite character? I really don't have one but my favorites were Glenn And Abe...


  2. Hello Aya! First of all, thank you for providing such an in-depth look of such a variety of shows. I can totally relate to becoming easily addicted to a show! It’s like you have all of this knowledge at your fingertips and just want to know more.

    I have heard of Game of Thrones, but personally I don’t think it’s the one for me. I usually tend to stick to shows that haven’t advanced so much as I don’t want to dig myself in that big of a hole. However, the other shows you highlighted caught my attention. I will definitely look into them when I have time. If you ever want to talk about T.V. shows or maybe just get to know me more feel free to reach out on my social media accounts or simply comment on my posts, both of which can be found on my blog at: Great post!

  3. Hi Aya my name is Maddy I also love the shows Game of thrones and the walking Dead they are some of my favorites. I actually wrote about the Game of Thrones in my own blog. I have heard about the Vampire Diaries I will watch it when I get the chance it sounds interesting. If you get the chance feel free to check out my blog at Thanks!