Wednesday, September 28, 2016

First I thank Mrs.Cazal for this opportunity I'm excited to get to know people at another end of the world and to know other nationalities. I introduce myself my name is Aya i'm 15 and I lived in Tangier since my birth. I have not some special things to say about me but there are three words that define me i am a serious person, optimistic and open mind , my favorite color is blue , l like sports people, my favorite activities include basketball,theater and i also play the piano.

I have chosen to speak about Tangier which is a fascinating city in nothern Morocco and a popular spot on many Mediterranean cruise itineraries. Situated On the Strait of Gibraltar.Tangier is just twenty miles from the coast of Spain. Many of Tangier's residents are multilingual and can easily commmunicate in Spanish,Portuguese,French and their native Arabic.Tangier is currently undergoing  several changes , namely in the form of a lux marina,handsome seaside pedestrian,promenade and modern beachside cafes.Tangier is also known for its monuments as "Phoenician Tomb" and "The Museum of the Kasbah"without forgetting the great cultural agendas of Tangier the Jazz Festival "Tanjazz" he stands in Tangier between May an June of each year. The only think that I do not like in Tangier: I find it dirty and chaotic, but it's also wonderfully authentic and colorful.